Scale your 3D workflow

The Stitch Hub is a cloud-based 3D asset management and high-quality rendering platform created for your team and vendors.

The Stitch Hub enables teams to scale digital creation workflows.

Take full advantage of your 3D assets with the Stitch Hub

Full Stitch

Easily share your assets library for blocks, trims, fabrics, and stitches.

Full Stitch

Align your 3D workflows with your team and vendors.

Full Stitch

Bring your designs to life with high-quality automated rendering.

Stitch Rendering

The Stitch Hub includes a high-quality auto-rendering tool to help you accelerate your design process and achieve hyper-realistic results.

Over 70.000 renders generated for global brands with large and complex collections during multiple seasons a year.

Stitch Puffer render front
Stitch Puffer render diagonal

Camera views

Save time and align brand imagery with standardized camera views for your entire collection, rendered in less than 30 minutes.

Stitch Puffer render Side


Create consistency by using your own lighting settings, or get started right away with our standard Stitch lighting.

Stitch Puffer render back


Deliver the best quality for your brand. Through collaboration we set up the renders to present your collection the way you envisioned it.

Stitch Hub MockupsStitch Hub Mockups
Stitch Hub Mockups

Explore the full potential of your 3D content

Go-to-market much faster using high-quality renders for B2B sell-in and e-commerce platforms.

Rendering made easy

The Stitch Hub helps you and your team to save time in rendering and managing assets so you have more time to focus on your designs.

Stitch Hub Mockups
Stitch Hub Mockups

More design, less waste of time

The Stitch Hub helps you and your team to save time in rendering and managing assets so you have more time to focus on your designs.

Key features

Full Stitch

3D Libraries

  • All your blocks, trims, fabrics, and stitches in one place for easy access and collaboration
  • Assign attributes to easily filter your assets.
  • Unlimited cloud-storage
Full Stitch


  • Share libraries and files while having different levels of access
  • Keep track of file versions between your team and vendors
  • Invite external collaborators free of charge
Full Stitch

Brand Alignment

  • Customise for a standard output: workflows, file formats, lightning, colours, and more
  • Style detail page clearly showing versions and colorways
  • Give and receive feedback in style comments
Full Stitch

3D workflows

  • Scale and expand your workflows without compromising quality
  • Use the same files from the 3D design software
  • Standarize workflows between your team and vendors for better control
Full Stitch


  • Create team's workspaces for each dedicated entity
  • Admin panel per workspace for user management
  • Cloud-based web app. No installation required
Full Stitch


  • Upload and render your Browzwear styles easily, saving precious designers time
  • Supports Blender version 3.0.1 & 3.1.1
  • Automated renders for 5 angles in all colorways in less than 30 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Easy to start

Cloud-based web app. No installation required.

Have a guided onboarding with our 3D experts.

Benefit from over 40 hours of trainings on our Stitch Academy.

Integrations to build your desired workflow

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